Albino Louisiana Magic Mushrooms




Albino Louisiana Magic Mushrooms
Albino Louisiana Magic Mushrooms
Origin: Louisiana, USA
Various Names: White Lousi
Background: The Albino Louisiana magic mushroom, descended from the Albino family of cubenisis, was first found growing wild in the subtropical climates of Louisiana’s bush. The discovery that this strain was above average in potency naturally led to the intentional cultivation and production for commercial purposes. Albino Louisiana is a more difficult strain to cultivate and usually takes more time to spore, leading to a rare strain that delivers a coveted potency and psychedelic experience.
Distinctive Properties: Creamy white caps and stalks, flatter and broader tops with tapered stems. Small spots of blue appear on both caps and stems.
Effects: A typical psychedelic journey, shortly after consuming Albino Louisiana feelings of euphoria, giggles and tranquility will apparate. A light body high, but mostly cerebral, Albino Louisiana mushrooms is a strain to start low and slow with. At a higher dosage the trip becomes more spiritual and can even lead to experiencing ego death.
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