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About UltraPsychedelicShop

As a leading supplier of psychedelics, UltraPsychedelicShop provides Legal psychedelics with a wide range of quality for sale in the US, AU, UK and more. Our products have been tested and available in vacuum sealed plastics, stealth packages and all ready for sake at our shop.
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Our catalog is extensive and comprises of carefully selected products such LSD sheets with blotter art such as Beatles, Rick and Morty, SpongeBob, Trump, , Hofmann Bike Ride, Dr Seuss, Dancing Bears and  we equally have LSD GEL sheets/Tabs and LSD vials (Liquid LSD). We equally have Peyote Mescaline, Magic Mushroom strains which include Golden Teacher Mushrooms, Liberty Caps, and Psilocybe Cubensis B+. We equally have DMT, 4 Aco-DMT and 5 Meo- DMT as well as ketamine liquid and Ketamine Powder, MDMA that meet all quality standards.

Why Psychedelics & Magic Mushrooms


Evidence is now mounting that Psychedelics can relieve migraine symptoms safely and effectively, and without any adverse side effects

Improves Sleep

Psychedelics has long been used to aid sleep. A frequent lack of sleep can have a significant impact on mental and physical well-being


Psychedelics is a compound that comes from the cannabis plant. … treatment for many mental health conditions, including depression.

Increases Appetite

There’s truth to this, and it’s that THC, one of the active Psychedelics , can boost appetite even for cancer patients

Chronic back pain

Psychedelics can be used for temporary or chronic back pain. … marijuana to treat their back pain and are experiencing tremendous relief.

Treats Glaucoma

One of the commonly discussed alternatives for the treatment of glaucoma is the consumption of Psychedelics ,which does lower eye pressure.

Customer Testimonials

It was my first time trying any psychedelic product, and I was recommended mushrooms and I had an amazing experience. Helped with my focus, anxiety among others. Has a smell just like its name though it’s not to pungent, Buds were very large and solid.
Christinna Jay
My order took a whole week and two days to get to me, but the product was worth the wait. I have never laughed so hard and smiled so much. I think my cheeks hurt from the first day of smoking. Helped my stress & anxiety without my mind wandering. will come back soon.
Kleen Dave
My order arrived the UK in a week, packed perfectly, wonderful products, well done! an excellent service, very much appreciated, loved and admired.. safety dance.. i will order more
Sarah Fleming
My Advice.. Stop Reading My Review Now And Place An Order And Get Ready To Be Blown Away! Will be returning to purchase again soon. thank you so much for your awesome support. thank you so very much for your efforts
Anniston B Jackson
Don’t Think I Need To Receive A Service From These Guys Before a review. The Products Look Amazing. The Price Its A Hell Of A Deal And Sounds Like No One Has Issues With Deliveries Keep Up The Good Works Lads
Milner R Jennifer
Can I first of all just say that I’ve never gotten anything bad from this site! Second this shatter is incredible.“Hello guys, again wanna say, any time I order from you, I am very happy! Always on time delivery”.
William Jurado
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